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Solder Wires

We offer a wide range of Solder wires and other allied products manufactured to Indian and various other International specifications. Wires are manufactured in 5 core /3 core and single core including solid wires. 5 core ensures flux melts before solder, to wet the surfaces to be joined, avoiding flux voids, to form high quality uniform soldering.

  • Rosinol Solder Wire
  • Solid Solder Wire
  • Corrosol Solder Wire
  • No Clean Wire
  • Water Soluble Flux Cored Wire
  • Rosinol Solder Wire

Rosinol Multi-core solders are in the form of a continuous wire with Five cores symmetrically arranged around the perimeter of the wire, separating the flux cores by a thin wall of solder. This formation ensure that the flux melts before the solder to wet the surfaces to be joined, and so form high quality uniform joints. There is no need for extra flux, eliminating one operation in the soldering process.

  • Rosinol Solder Wire with 105 Flux

Most popular in entertainment and professional Electronic Industries, such as Television, Telecommunications, Computers etc. It has low halide content (0.5% Max.), non-corrosive, activated flux. It can be offered in various metal compositions.

  • Rosinol Solder Wire with 101 Flux

Most suitable in soldering difficult surfaces and containing flux with high halide content (1% Max.). Finds use in mass production items like lamps, capacitors, fuses etc.

  • Rosinol Solder Wire with 100 Flux

Used extensively in defense electronics and avionics due to its mild activity and freedom from halogen based activators.

  • Solid Solder Wire

Solder wires without fluxes manufactured using highest purity metals in required TIN/LEAD compositions and gauges.

  • Corrosol Solder Wire

Corrosol acid core solder is useful in metal fabrication such as radiators, tin containers, soldering of fuse wire to detonators and for various other applications, replacing poisonous Zinc chloride fluxes without loss on performance. Can be supplied in various Tin/Lead compositions.

  • No Clean Wire

Containing non-corrosive, rosin free flux, usually incorporating complex activators. The range consists of numerous alloy/flux combination covering every electrical/electronics soldering application available in Single Core in most solder alloys.

  • Water Soluble Flux Cored Wires

Used extensively in the manufacture of the telecommunication equipment. It is very corrosive and needs cleaning with deionized water.

THICKNESS: We can supply Solder Wire from 8 swg (4.0 mm) to 30 swg (0.31 mm).


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