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Sticks, Bars and Anodes


Solder Sticks / Bars

Alloys in the form of Solder Sticks / Extruded Bars / Ingots are manufactured using virgin metals conforming to Indian and International specifications. It can be supplied in any Tin / Lead composition for all applications including wave soldering. Popular alloy composition is 63 / 37 (Tin / Lead), which is a Eutectic composition (Melting at 183° C) and 60 / 40 (Tin / Lead) sticks.


Pure Tin Anodes and Tin/ Lead Anodes

Manufactured using highest purity metals in pure Tin and any solder alloy compositions. The most popular are 60/40 alloys. Ideal for plating of copper conductors on printed circuit Boards to extend shelf life.

Use of virgin metals and control of metallic impurities to a minimum level in manufacturing process results in optimum performance of anodes. Excessive metallic impurities in plating anodes can cause sludge formation on anodes, necking of anodes, darkening of the deposited electroplate and inferior re-flow characteristics of the deposit. Strict control on the Tin content of anodes provides added reliability.

Casting is normally the most economical method for fabricating Tin and Tin/Lead plating anodes. The major disadvantage is that excessive grain growth due to slow cooling and alloy segregation may result. The preferred method for anode manufacture is extrusion. BT Plating Anodes are extruded under high pressure, which assures a dense, fine grain structure with continuous uniformity. Uniform dissolution of the anode in the plating bath results, with necking reduced to a minimum. The fine grain size permits the use of higher current densities without making the anodes passive.

The high purity and uniformity of BT Plating Anodes provides improved anode efficiency. This means a longer anode life, fewer chemical additions to the plating bath, better soldering of plated parts and an overall economy in use.


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