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Non-Corrosive Liquid Flux 406A


It is a blend of activators dissolved in a solution. It is Rosin free. It leaves behind no corrosive residue at higher temperature (400 C to 450 C).


BT 406A non-corrosive liquid flux is used for tinning component leads and cable joints or assemblies. Post cleaning can be dispensed with at high temperatures.


The flux is very effective and reliable. It can be applied by brush or by dipping. Flux control is not required, thereby thinner addition is eliminated.

Removal Of Flux Residue

Not required when used at higher temperatures (400 C to 450 C). When used at lower temperature it leaves traces of corrosive residue, which can be normally cleaned with ordinary tap water or deionized water or with commercial solvent mixture. BT's solvent cleaner can be used. All known cleaning process can be employed.

Technical Data

  • APPEARANCE - Colorless Liquid
  • SPECIFIC GRAVITY - 1.06 + 0.01
  • SOLID MATTER - 19 + 1%

Safety Information

The flux is non-flammable. Take all normal precautions for its handling, use and storage. No shelf life.


It can be supplied in 5, 10, 20 Litres Jerry can


  • Solder Wires
  • Solder Sticks, Bars and Anodes
  • Lead Free Alloys
  • Fluxes
  • Solvent Cleaners
  • Solder Paste