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No Clean Flux NCF 700


BT's NCF 700 NO Clean Flux is a low solids, rosin free, zero residue, organic flux with good foaming characteristics, which has been specially formulated to reduce the icicles and bridging to a minimum on PCB. The minimal residues left on the Boards are non-sticky, protective and non corrosive. It can also be offered in various solid content.


It can be used for the Wave/Dip/Spray Soldering to give fast production speed and reliable soldering. The flux tank should be kept full and will require a higher air pressure setting than higher solids content flux. Very small Wave Soldering Machine with an internal small air compressor may need an external compressor to increase the air pressure. It is important to remove moisture from the air supply as Water absorption can affect soldering performances.

Pre-Heat Temperature

To be maintained minimum 115° C on the top side of PCB. Lower Pre-heat temperature shall give room for white residue.

Flux Control

The specific gravity of the flux should be monitored with hydrometer. If the specific gravity of the flux is above 0.795, due to loss of solvent the concentration of the flux can easily be maintained by addition of thinner. The specific gravity of the modified solution is monitored by using hydrometer until it reaches the required specific gravity.

Removal of Flux Residue

Due to lower solid content, it leaves only traces of non-corrosive residue which can normally be left on the surface. Should removal of the residues be necessary, all known cleaning process can be employed.


  • Solder Wires
  • Solder Sticks, Bars and Anodes
  • Lead Free Alloys
  • Fluxes
  • Solvent Cleaners
  • Solder Paste