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Hot Air Levelling Flux - BT102


HAL Flux is a Water Soluble Liquid Flux used in solder coating exposed Copper areas of Printed Circuit Boards in Hot Air Levelling Machine. The Fluxes gives a controlled even coating thickness, providing a well preserved, compatible surface for subsequent soldering.

The Flux also acts as a Lubricant during Insertion / removal of the PCB from the holder and because of its low evaporation and decomposition rates, does not create undue fuming of discolored residues on the molten solder surfaces.

To achieve optimum shelf life and soldering of boards, a high purity alloy such as 63/37 Solder should be used.

HAL Flux  which is free from Glycol and has higher temperature stability.



After application of HAL Flux to the PCB in the Machine, the board is dipped into the Molten High Purity Solder, withdrawn at a controlled rate and excess solder is leveled by passing the PCB through Hot Air Knives. Because of its special action of suppressing icicles and bridging, it has much greater resistance to discoloring and fuming than other fluxes which are Rosin based.


Flux Residue

The residues are Water Soluble and are Biodegradable. They can be removed using hot water (60° C).



  • Specific Gravity - 1.02 Less or More by 1
  • Halide content - Less than 2%
  • Flash Point - Greater than 280° C.
  • Viscosity CPS at 25° C. - 67
  • TLV of Solvents - 400 ppm
  • PH - 2.5
  • Evaporation Rate - Negligible at Room Temperature



Ready to use in 5, 10, 20 Litres. Jerry Can.


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  • Solder Sticks, Bars and Anodes
  • Lead Free Alloys
  • Fluxes
  • Solvent Cleaners
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